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iNNERWork Gets Ready for Mega Sale!!! Special Packshot Promotion, Ready for Mid-Year Mega Sales.

Definitely great with a big sale in the middle of the year because iNNERWork has the most popular promotion for everyone to enjoy with the “Get Ready Mega Sale for Packshot” promotion, pleasing everyone who wants pictures of Packshot products to further promote and continually be used to market, which our exclusive promotion has the following details:
  • Take a Packshot with a white background starting at only 3xx baht!! or
  • Choose to pay all in once, only 8xx baht per photo (Receive retouch and die-cut photos, including product photography in iNNERWork Studio)
  • The price of this promotion starts when purchasing 11 or more photos.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply.
Let me tell you, we have an exclusive promotion this month. If you are slow, you will miss it! Don’t miss even one day because this great discount promotion starts from 1 – 31 May 2023 only.
For anyone who is interested in this promotion, you can contact us or call 081 258 8787.
For those who are looking for a special promotion for Photoshoot product images, take pictures with full props to promote products in the offline and online world, click here!