Product photography service with professional photography services for businesses and organizations. We provide various types of photography such as product photography, makeup product photography, food supplementary photography, jewelry photography, snack and food photography, photography package, or product photography due to customer requirements by an experienced team to build your brand awareness through quality photography that can be used in a variety of ways.

iNNER (Shoot) : Discounted promotions suitable for photoshoot photos.

This is a great promotion that iNNERWork provides for those who want beautiful product images with props completely to use in sales promotion because as we know that “Good images win half the battle,” so the more eye-catching your product images are, the more your target audience will pay attention to your brand.


The exclusive promotions from iNNERWork are as follows:
  • Set I : Product photography with props 1 theme.* You will receive 8 pictures in total at the price of 7,6xx baht. This price includes all retouching fees after the photo shoot. We also take photos of all your products in iNNERWork Studio by our expert team.
  • Set II : Product photography with props 1 theme* for 2 hours. You will receive an unlimited number of photos, priced at 12,xxx baht with retouching of the images you want.*


*Terms and Conditions Apply.


Special for this promotion! If you still don’t have ideas or are hesitant about which theme to choose, don’t worry as we have a professional team who will create, recommend, and present the theme concept that best fits your products for your brand to select.


No matter what kind of photography you want, take pictures with background, fix reflective products, glossy products, opaque products like gold, silver, stainless steel, aluminum, or laser materials as components, or even special effect photography with shadows, explosions, smoke, color, light, fire, and water, we can shoot to meet your needs.


For those of you who are hesitant about whether or not to take a Photoshoot, we highly recommend Photoshoots for those who market across social media platforms or sell products in the eCommerce industry. Photoshoots from our skilled team will increase the value of your products and attract more target audience to your brand.


Don’t miss it because this promotion is very worthwhile. For those who are interested, you can contact us or call tel: 0812588787